• In recent years there have been urgent and increasing demands for smart cards by so many financial institutions as well as third-party payment companies, following the intelligent drift of bank cards from magnetic strips to chips. With full understanding of the present market and customers’ demand, FMSH has developed many kinds of chip solutions as an appropriate reaction to meet the present need for chip cards.
  • Pure bank IC card application

Chips Type

  • Double interface FM1280 built with 80K data space

Standards Conformity

  • Commercial Password testing
  • EAL4+
  • GP standards and JAVA card application
  • PBOC2.0/3.0 debit/credit, QPBOC, electronic-cash, and Q extended testing
  • UnionPay chip cards security certification

Products Application

  • 1. Electronic card application, credit/debit application, as well as petty contactless payment application of e-cash are supported by the Standard financial IC cards.
  • 2. Contactless payment application electronic cash (Quick Pass), electronic cash application, as well as petty contactless payment extended application of electronic cash are supported by pure electronic cash cards, which are non-registered.
  • 3. Contactless credit application and credit application are supported by abnormal-type contactless credit cards.
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